Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Trinity - triple time

So, here they are. The Trinity. Finally. I was approached by Ebeneezer Baptist Church three years ago for this commission and I estimated a time frame of about three months to completion. Each piece is 36" x 60" and I didn't anticipate the amount of distractions I would have with family and another full time job. Perhaps those are just excuses.

This has to have been the most difficult commission I have done so far - trying to depict who I felt each part of the trinity was. There are so many metaphors and descriptions of each that compiling them all was overwhelming. So I meditated on the word and discerned for months over each one.

Jesus - our saviour. Breaks the shackles of our sin if we let him. We fear the unknown and think the shedding of our past will be painful and it just might be, but it will never get better until we line up for past to be forgiven and forgotten.

The Father - our father. When one imagines, God, we fear the greatness of his power and think about the almighty being who can smite us down in the blink of an eye. But rarely do we think of him as who he is - our father. Other parents will understand this painting perhaps greater than anyone. A true and loving parent is one who always forgives and lends a shoulder to cry on, and brings great comfort in any time. Our Father in Heaven is like this and we are comforted by him when we trust in Him completely.

The Holy Ghost - our guide. I could find no better depiction than the dove showing the right path. Some notice and follow, some only notice, but most will not even look.

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