Thursday, July 21, 2011

Parks Canada Adirondack Chairs

The results are in and painting a wooden adirondack chair was more difficult than expected but a load of fun. I was the first in the week to get participants in a workshop. The event had been moved to a less public area which resulted in the first three days of no workshops. This meant artists had more time to spend painting their chairs which was a bonus. Since I was the first to conduct a workshop I had about half the time to spend on my chair which was less than stellar.

My workshop was called "Imagination Exploration" where I had my participants use their imaginations to create an idea about a theme based from the Parks Canada's Centennial anniversary. Based on their ideas, I created a painting (shown in the first picture). The whole workshop ended up being two hours long and half of that time was spent actually painting this canvas.

After that was complete, participants were invited to paint their own adirondack chair next to me. The results of my chair are not as finished as I'd like them to be, but for fours hours of work, I think it turned out okay. These will be displayed in Market Mall, Saskatoon, the Saskatoon EX., and touring most of the provincial parks in Saskatchewan. Overall, I'm happy to have been part of this event as it was something interesting I've never done before.

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