Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's About Time

It's been just over a year since my last post so it's about time I update you on my yearly adventures.  Maternity leave is up and I had one major art event since then where five new peices were featured in a group event at The Stall Gallery for the National Parking Day celebration. The parking stalls down the street were closed off and decorated by street vendors and business owners.  It was pretty awesome.

I did go back to work full time as a designer which has been more exhausting than being sleep deprived on maternity leave.....well, maybe not equally as exhausting. So it's left little time, and energy left to paint let along get everything else done around the house. Enough complaining.....the good news is that another gallery is interested in taking my work so that means I have to work doubly hard and produce some more amazing pieces to support two exciting.

So the first four pictures in on this website are my latest works shown at the event I told you about above. The fifth is not on there so when I'm not posting from my ipad I will post all five in another blog. Enjoy. Criticize. Comment. Purchase:)


Polly Jones said...

Congratulations on the gallery representation. I followed the link and your work looks great!

Crystal Rassi said...

Thanks Polly, I wish I could post pictures from my IPad when I posted this. I'll have to update when I get to the computer.