Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plan B

Not so long ago, Jack White wrote an article for FASO about falling into the trap of "Plan B". This is not just detrimental to artists but many people wanting to fulfill a financial dream based on the things they love to do. Plan B is supposed to be our fallback just in case Plan A fails. Sounds like safe thoughtful way to go......or is it? Does Plan B continually set us up for failure? It seems our just-in-case options become our Plan A and then our initial Plan A gets left in the dust. As Oxfam says, "Plan A.....because there is no plan B.".  Will plan A ever work if there is plan B?

What if we reversed Plan A and B? Here's the scenereo: Bob wants to paint full time but right now he doesn't have enough time to paint in order to produce sales to earn revenue to support his overhead because Bob uses Plan B, a full time job, to support Plan A, his painting, and his overhead. Bob is so tired from his job that he tends to put painting on the back burner until he finds more time to paint. Sound familiar?

Let's reverse that. Bob wants to work full time but right now he has too much painting and marketing to do in order to keeps his galleries and clients satisfied. So Bob reduces his work hours in order to paint more often. Wait a second.....did that just work?

So that's the plan. I've just done that. No really, I quit my full time design job to spend more time with the kids and painting. I now work part time retail hours to fulfill my goals. What's your plan?

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