Tuesday, November 20, 2012

As Promised

As promised - a peek into my latest works. All acrylic on canvas. The first image is vastly different from the others because I wanted to experiment with texture and colour (or lack thereof). It's title is "Less is More" and it not only reminds me of Saskatchewan winters but also speaks about the affect a statement can have when not surrounded by rhetoric, white fuzz, or other distractions. It allows one to contemplate the message through a subconscious form of listening.

"Risky Business" - All businesses have been born by entrepreneurs. At any time a business can be flooded by unexpected turns of events that are potentially out of our control. Farming specifically is difficult because the weather often dictates how well or how poor the farmer's success is. Sometimes it's purely competition that causes smaller business to barely stay afloat.

"So That's What Happened" - As serious as this painting looks, have you ever reflected on the possible demises of our pioneers homes? We may assume they were poorly built, or years of neglect causes leaking and wood rot, or a tornado ripped through and crushed the house. Any of these things are an adults' reality to these homes' destruction. But have you ever heard the "ramblings" of a child's explanation of any particular event? If you know my latest work, then you know a hay bale must be involved. Maybe a giant hay bale rolled over one of these homes and crushed it. Maybe this is not so far fetched. Maybe the business of farming overcame the ability of the farmer and forced the pioneers to move leaving the house to become neglected. Maybe.....just maybe. What theory can you come up with?

"Untitled"  - There are some homes that just stand out. They may not be the best built, or best decorated but they tell their own stories. Again, if you know my work, then you know that a house isn't simply a house. It's a reflection of people, individual or as a community, or as society. These houses reflect certain individuals that just stand out. They are not rich, not famous, or not perhaps as beautiful as magazines say they should be, but they are the foundations to which communities grow.

"Urban Consumption" - This painting shows 1/4 of a hay bale that's overshadows an urban modern home. How much money went into building that home? How much waste was developed during the construction of that home? How much energy was and will be used for that home? Is it worth it? The hay bale reflects the consumption that one home can create in comparison to the size of the home itself. This is simply my viewpoint and does not reflect statistics but the imagery captures the idea. I'm glad to know, however, that there is alternatives to modern building. I am sad though, to know that not everything is being done to reduce the energy wasted.

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