Sunday, March 7, 2010

Modern Architecture I

Here's the second of this series of architectural representations. The "bowl" shapes are the legislation building from the capitol of Brazil - Brasilia. The whole city was planned from beginning to end where most cities begin as small towns and morph into a future city. Therefore, city planning is usually an afterthought, with "developments" here and there.

I was going to call this Öscars Dream" because Oscar Nïemeyer was the cheif architect who worked closely with urban planner, Lúcio Costa. The mission was to have this new city to be a city with no poor and was arguably, intentionally successful. During construction, the tradespeople needed a place to live and built small shacks just outside of city limits. When the city was finished, the living expenses were so high, only the rich were able to live there. The satellite cities became a place where the less fortunate had to live and thus, Brasilia became a city with no poor.

This painting represents the unfortunate push of the poor out of the city.

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