Friday, November 12, 2010

The Plein Air Twist

I'm taking on a new venture in the world of live painting. For so long, painters have created "plein air" paintings which is a French word meaning "outdoor". So it a plain air paitning has been created live in an outdoor setting.

This December I am am also entering the realm of live painting, except - indoors! So although it's still live, and not in a studio, I still can't technically call it "Plain Air" painting because it would not have been created outdoors (unless it's an outdoor event).

Companies and individuals will now have the opportunity to hire me to paint live at their event. What they do with the painting is entirely up to them. It could be a gift, a door prize, a raffle, you name it! This isn't an entirely new idea but for Saskatoon, SK. it's like finding gold.....well - maybe bronze.

So what should I call this "new" type of painting? Since "Plain Air"means "outdoor", I researched some translations of "indoor". So far I like the Italian translation "dell'interno". I also like the Portuguese translation of "on site", which is "no local".

What do you think this live painting should be called?

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