Monday, April 12, 2010

Older Works

I felt it necessary to reintroduce older works to show the progression of styles throughout my painting career. Most of the portraits or paintings with figures in them were commissions and not necessarily works that reflect who I am or subjects I like painting. I grew up in a small prarie town where the idea of a "good painting" was a photorealistic scene. So for over a decade I practiced this style but learned though university courses that there was so much more to art than making "copies" of what already exists.

So in 2007 I developed my first blog which I used as a website - (not the best choice I've made but it did give me a bit of publicity). The site is Perhaps I'll revise this page for a cleaner look but for now, a peek into the past this way will be enough. I'm cringing slightly, only because my new stuff is so different and maybe you'll wonder why I changed subjects, why I didn't go with abstracts? why didn't I continue with portraits? Whatever questions or conversations you might have, feel free to leave a comment....

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