Friday, May 21, 2010


Here's an art fair you should all come to if you can. On Sunday, June 27th, the 9th annual Art Exhibition in the Caswell Hill community (where I live) is presenting "Art in the Park". I only found out this exhibition existed when I moved to the community. We were lucky enough to have this event held in the Old Anglican Church grounds outside of our front door two years in a row. This year, it's going "Back to it's Roots" as it has been themed because it's usually held in Ashworth Holmes Park in the Casewell Hill community in Saskatoon.

I will be displaying a few original peices and selling tons of prints, giclees, postcards, and notecards of my work. Some are framed and others are not - but all are affordable. Join me and pick up your FREE INTERACTIVE BUSINESS CARD! I am cutting up a painting to use as my business cards. Yes, I am cutting up an original painting! On the back of these cards is an assigned number verifying the location of your piece in the painting! The only way to know what the painting looks like is to go to my website at the time you receive your card.

So join me and have some fun with Art in the Park!

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