Saturday, June 19, 2010

Adjudication Show

If you've ever entered any kind of competition then you know how exhilirating it can be. Every day of the Gordon Snellgrove Art Adjudication that happened this weekend that I was in, I woke up at four or five in the morning with my brain wondering so much I couldn't fall back asleep.

Walking into the gallery for the first time on the critique day I saw my paintings up on the wall, side by side, for the first time. My "studio" is my home and my home is tiny with limited wall space so I only get to see my art stacked together leaning against the available wall at the time.

When we as a group walked through each artist's work, the worry began to sink in. - Oh, they could win....or they could win....and then my work was evaluated and I got to hear the words "wonky-in a good way", "Unique","cool", "humorous"...and that's just what I was going for so I guess I did my job. However, I did not win first place in the competition, I tied for second place because the adjudicator couldn't decide who's was better. I'm glad to have tied second with whom I did. She was fun and uplifting although her subject matter in her painting was little more serious. She was very confident in herself which showed through in her art and I am honered to share second place with such a person.

After the one on one critque this morning I didn't get much more information I didn't already know. The lack of strength in "Red Rover" was a major downfall in the collection, which I agree totally. However, when I asked what steps to take to go from ameature to professional, I was given really great tips. She also confidently advised that once I have more of a body of this work, to approach galleries. It was great to hear her say that my work would sell in galleries. That was the confidence I needed to keep going with this series.

If you're an emerging artist like me and want to take some steps to become professional - start with an adjudication show. The critiques are eyeopening and extremely helpful.

The first image in this post is the first place winner, Humboldt Magnussen, then the other second place winner, Vijay Kachry, and then me - another second place winner.

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