Friday, June 25, 2010

The Value of Artists

During the adjudication last week, the critic and I were having small chat about becoming a professional artist. Her advice was that (and I'm paraphrasing) as an emerging artist, don't underestimate the value of our profession. Yes, it's a profession. Arguably, not everyone can or will make art. And not everyone will be a plumber or a lawyer. If everyone were a plumber, then who would be the artist, or the electrician, or the hairdressor? We all have our place in society and artists are as important as the rest of all professionals. So don't sell your art too cheaply, or take commissions that you hate just because it may give you publicity - perhaps the wrong publicity, don't give away your art at fundraisers, sell it to the company first, or demand a miniumum bid.....there are so many ways to increase our value in our personal lives but how can society realize that without art, their homes would be empty boxes that don't relfect who they are or that spaces would feel empty and uncomfortable? Maybe it just takes the blogger to write it...
Or the artist to paint it..
Or Albert Einstein to say it - "Creativity is more important than knowledge".... long and happy creating.

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