Monday, June 28, 2010

Art In The Park

Well, this is the first year that I was "prepared" for this event. I had all my prints and art cards priced and readily available for purchase but I think I could have been a little more successful with the display. My aluminum easel was knocked down by the wind causing two major tears in "Tall is the New Wide". This is a major downfall considering I was supposed to enter this piece in the OSAC Saskatchewan tour and I had offers on the painting from this event but couldn't sell a damaged painting.

I got some advice from a good friend of mine in art conservation and my assumptions on repairing the work were confirmed. It's an intricate and pricey procedure. I think I'd be better off repainting the piece - boo.

That aside, I had a ton of great feedback but not as many buyers. What could I expect from an event like this? There were a lot of talented artists and craftmakers that the choices of things to purchase were nearly endless - plus, events like these are sometimes just a place to go to hang out with friends and family and enjoy the atmosphere, music, food, and art. So although all of us artists wish we would have made more money, the feedback and interaction from spectators was wonderful. One lady from Molly Maid (I think the owner) bought an art card of "Tall is the New Wide" because they clean buildings for a living and their company colors are mainly pink! I'm thrilled when someone can relate their business with a piece of art.

My most memorable moment in the event was meeting the MP of Saskatoon for whom I voted for - Kelly Block. Not only that - but she wanted to take a picture with me! How's that for PR?! It's really quite flattering. Her and her husband a really quite cool and easy to talk to.

So, a great turnout for Saskatoon at this event and hope that next year will be as good.

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