Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Restoration and Repair Pays Off

In my last Blog I mentioned I had damaged a painting that a customer was potentially interested in. She said that if I ever fix it to contact her....So how do I go about fixing tears in my canvass? I contacted my conservator friend who mentioned two ways of fixing the problem but both were terribly expensive if done by a conservator and there was no conservator in my area. I honestly thought about repainting it but was so discouraged because it took so much effort and time and when you're in the moment of creation in the original, your inspired. I knew if I would repaint it, the excitement of the idea would be lost because it's not new anymore.

Other artists I talked to, including my husband suggested incorporating the tears as a part of the painting, make it bigger, like a window or another dimension to the painting. I could have done that too but being true to my style, doing that was just not me. So I took option two - the patch - and fixed it myself. A conservator would probably have used different adhesives and techniques but I had to use the best that was available to my knowledge.

Well, it paid off because the customer viewed the newly fixed painting and purchased it (with of course a discount)! I was absolutely honored and thrilled. So if this ever happens to you, patching the back is an inexpensive and effective way of repairing your painting.

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