Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dreams Come True

If you're a dreamer like me it sometimes feels like you might dream too big and that you never have enough time or money to make you're dreams come true. Well, that may be true if you're doing too much dreaming and not enough doing.

I have had many dreams, one of which was to be represented by atleast one gallery this year. I'm not entirely sure that will come true (but there's still time...). Meanwhile, I've been practicing little by little, the art of doing. I make two goals a day: a "must do" and a "want to do" goal everyday. The "must do" goal is a household chore while the "want to do" goal is to paint for an hour, or work on my website, or's been working. I may not have the shed I want, the fence I want, the studio I want BUT I created enough pieces to enter a juried art show, I made enough reproductions of older works to sell at an art fair (and did well), I made my website, I've been keeping up with my blog, and because of all of this I have boosted enough confidence in myself to know that I can do it! All that other "stuff" is just stuff that will come over time as I keep "doing".

So now that I had that confidence, I decided to create a proposal for a one night sketch night at my church. Two days after I handed in the proposal I was asked to consider offering 6 week course as part of their "Family Night"! So I did it. It has been one of my dreams to one day teach art! And now look - I AM! My first class was yesturday and it went well. The students seemed to be impressed with the intricacy of my explanations of art elements that I introduced and eyebrows raised as I connected it with a Bible lesson.

So, to make your dreams come true - just do!

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