Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Live Painting

On Dec 11th, 2010 I completed my first Live Painting for Superior Cabinet's Christmas party at the Delta Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon, Sk. The picture on the left is the finished result after two hours of on site painting. The picture on the right is the scene that I sat in front of during the party for the painting. Acrylics are ideal for this type of painting because they dry fast and the painting was ready to give away for a door prize at the end of the night. This was a very fun and invigorating experience. I especially liked it when people would come to see if they were in the picture or figure out who was. The painting has now become a historical aspect to Superior Cabinets and the Bessborough Hotel.


Polly Jones said...

Wow, you did great! That takes a lot of courage to paint so well in front of an audience.

Crystal Rassi said...

Thanks Polly. Although I don't consider myself an extrovert, I wasn't shy at all. It helps when I was only a part of the event in a dark corner and not on stage!