Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You Didn't Do It

How many times have you looked at a piece of "art" and said "I could that!" or "My kid could do that", and became jealous that the artwork was selling for half a million dollars?

The fact is - you didn't do it. If you want to sell you work for that price range than you need to just start working at it. Doing = success.

For example, I have the opportunity to start working with a second gallery but I didn't have any pieces available to sell. Why? - because I didn't work hard enough to make more. Why? I can make excuses (or rather valid reasons like a full time job and family to take care of and being totally exhausted at the end of the day). But it's just a fact that I didn't make time to make more paintings. So it is my goal this year to produce as much as I can to receive a second gallery representation and also produce a set of works to be show in a public gallery (not just private galleries).

It's time to stop the whining and "just do it".


Crystal Klassen said...

Hi Crystal - I was just introduced to your work by means of Facebook (I follow the Stall gallery) and I think it's wonderful. I love what you're saying here. I'm an artist as well from Saskatoon and I struggle with this all the time! I've recently been learning how to be happy for the success of others instead of allowing jealousy to take over. It's integral to being a good artist, not to mention a good person! :) Keep up the good work!

Crystal Rassi said...

Hi Crystal - I just got your comment today!!! I usually try to stay on top of things and reply to people but every now and then, people slip through the crack. Thanks for reading my Blog though. Speaking of not being jealous...yep - I've been there. I used to think I would never like any other artist's work but my own. Why would I hang other people's art in my house when I can just make it. But after working with The Stall Gallery, I started to really fall in love with other works of art and started to appreciate the differences between styles of work. I'll be speaking at the 220 in the spring about Branding Art. If you "like" my facebook page, you'll get more details coming up. I'd love to meet you:)