Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dreams Come True II

Last October, I wrote a post called "Dreams Come True" which  gave some examples of  how to put your dreams into practice.  My overall dream was to become a stable artist for a local gallery. Now that 2010 has passed, my dream for that year was not accomplished. I did not become a stable artist for any gallery. You could say that my dream did not come true. So should I give up? Not a chance. Because of all that was accomplished in 2010, I have been communicating with one local gallery with whom wished to put me in a group show before accepting a longer contract. As of yesturday, I am officially in one of their group shows!

Without having a clear long term goal(dream) in mind, I could not have broken that down into achievable smaller goals which at times took longer to accomplish than originally thought. And that's okay. Gallerists and collectors won't know who your are until you have those small goals complete and then do the out-of-comfort-zone work to contact them. YOU have to do the work.

In the end, I may not become a stable artist for this gallery, but atleast I can feel confident that one gallery likes my work enough to be put into a show. If that gallery likes my work, then maybe another one will too, and a third one, or a fourth one. I don't think I'll give up on this dream. I'll only keep making enough small goals until I get there.

This post may be geared toward art but is totally relevant for many of your personal dreams!

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