Monday, July 11, 2011

Yellow - Good or Bad?

Recently I read an article by Jack White that had nothing to do with the color yellow but briefly mentioned that yellow as a main color used in a painting was not a color that sells. So many of the comments on that article did not refere to the article itself but on the brief mention of yellow. Most comments did not support his research but I'm interested in hearing from you. The painting in this post is one I did in 2007 and sold in Cre8ery Gallery in Winnipeg not because of the color yellow, but because of the subject. This painting happens to be my best sellers in prints as well. People really don't seem to mind that a large part of the canvas is yellow. Is there a type of yellow that is more appealing than others? Does yellow bring cheer and gladness to a room? Or can yellow drive a person to insanity? What do you think?

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